9:44 pm - Wednesday April 23, 2014

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The human needs to leave a cultural legacy

Humans, like all other species, have been driven to leave a genetic legacy on this earth. Then we became the only species to develop culture to deal with change. Cultural evolution developed a symbiotic relation with genetic evolution, with...

Deloitte & Harris enlightenment survey: Execs and Employees not aligned on corp culture

From a Deloitte and Harris Survey usually announced commentary from a consult about association enlightenment called “Core Values and Beliefs” Key finding: Executives and employees have opposite indicate of perspective on either amicable...

Future of Work: Interview with Ariel Seidman, Founder and CEO of Gigwalk.com

One of a engaging existent trends out there is the  “free agent” economy in that people precedence websites like eLance, oDdesk and Gigwalk.com to find a job. These sites yield a  “‘match.com”’ proceed to anticipating a job. They...
Letter 'O' and the future

Letter ‘O’ and a future

Yesterday, it was my spin to travel my son, Scotty, to pre-school. To be honest, walking down a travel with him, personification ‘Eye-Spy” is one of a highlights  of my day. When we arrived during his class, his clergyman (he has good teachers)...
Hyper-Social Recruiting

Hyper Social Recruting (Webinar deck)

Here’s a presentation, Gary Angel from Semphonic and we did recently on Hyper Social Recruiting Here’s a recording and a webinar we did with Gary Angel, ace analytics guru from Semphonic, Inc. Hyper Social Recruiting View some-more PowerPoint...
Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples: Innovate Through Orchards of Fun

The word on the Green Apple card reads ‘Visionary’.  Players around the table scour their Red Apple cards.  Each player is in search of the one card best described by the word on the Green Apple card the Judge has presented.  Often the...