10:38 am - Saturday April 19, 2014

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Employer Brand and Consumer Brand should be the same

Why your employer brand and your consumer brand should be the same

Many companies have employer brands (that part of the brand that you show to prospective talent) that are different from their consumer brands (that part of the brand that you show to customers and prospects). In fact research that we conducted...
Minor changes. Major impacts.

Minor changes. Major impacts.

One of the clearest benefits of introducing tangible design factors to customers and stakeholders is the increase in the rapidity of useful feedback. As a critical ingredient in any innovation’s success, feedback response and its frequency...
Beth Comstock, CMO at GE

CMO 2.0 Conversation with Beth Comstock, CMO during GE

Today’s CMO 2.0 Conversation with GE’s CMO Beth Comstock was packaged with engaging insights. On a personal note it was positively neat to get a one hour personal selling educational from a CMO of one a largest companies in a world. By...