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CIO 2.0 Conversation with Francoise Legoues, VP of Innovation in a Office of a CIO during IBM


I had a pleasure to speak with Francoise Legoues, a VP of Innovation in a bureau of a CIO during IBM. We discussed innovation, enlightenment as good as some large trends inspiring companies worldwide.


Francoise is a prolonged time IBMer. She started in their Physics Department after removing her PhD in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University. Following that, she took on some-more customer confronting roles, associated to destiny record vision, in a utilities and sell markets. She continued to marry creation and record in several positions until she took on her stream purpose operative for a CIO during IBM.

It is engaging to note that during IBM a CIO classification is a centralized classification that comprises 4 pillars. The initial one is called Run, and that is where they run things – datacenters, telephone, applications, etc. Then there is a classification called Transform, where they possess processes (e.g., supply chain, customer confronting solutions, etc.), a applications that support them, and a mutation of those processes. Next is confidence and cyber security, apparently an critical partial of what a IBM CIO is obliged for. The fourth post is a one Francoise is obliged for, that of innovation.

As partial her responsibilities, Francoise owns all a tools, processes and programs that capacitate IBMers to turn innovators and devour innovation. She also leads a group of developers whose pursuit it is to brand and move into prolongation those technologies that can renovate a proceed IBMers do their job. Innovation during IBM also includes mining large information for actionable insights – an rising area for many companies. They don’t usually investigate a immobile information stores they have, yet also energetic information entrance from Twitter and their possess inner amicable networks. She sees her purpose as partly being a use provider, and partly being a partner to other organizations.

Culture is an critical aspect of Francoise’s job. It is fascinating that a enlightenment during IBM is not formed on a set of common beliefs that came from a top. Instead, about 10 years ago, they ran a 3 day Culture Jam to see if they could find a set of common things that tangible IBMers worldwide. And they did find it, and to this day they keep reinforcing those values by reviews, measurements, and rewards. Remarkably, and since of that, they do not see most corporate enlightenment differences within a several geographical informative areas.

The 3 tip values that outcome in a IBM enlightenment are:

  • Trust in each relationship
  • Client centricity
  • Innovation that matters to IBM and a world

At IBM, they use this bottom-up proceed opposite all areas of innovation– realizing that not all good ideas can come from a top. They followed a Culture Jam with an Innovation Jam and Jams are now an constituent partial of their creation culture.

Francoise took a time to explain a differences between successful Innovation Jams and mostly catastrophic magisterial electronic thought boxes that many other companies implement. They are:

  • Most thought boxes or thought government systems are not connected to a backend processes where those ideas are indeed being implemented, totalled for success, and brought into production
  • Ideation systems mostly understanding with usually a tiny apportionment of a ideation process, that associated to tiny ideas, and they clearly don’t bond with a altogether creation process.
  • Good Jams are good prepared forward of time, and intensely good managed after a Jam is over (with funding, pilots, measurements, preference points and eventually prolongation for those ideas that make it) – and Jams are roughly always time-bound (except for a continual improvement/small thought programs).
  • Successful Jams are possibly set adult as business hurdles or as good framed ideation campaigns.

Even yet Francoise believes that it is unequivocally tough to envision a future, she sealed a conversations with dual predictions for large shifts – one being a intensity for large information and a other being a destiny of work itself, and generally a destiny of a workplace.

Other things that we discussed include:

  • The hurdles with not being means to know forward of time that technologies to deposit in on innovation
  • The Innovation Jam that led to a Smarter Planet concepts
  • The issues associated to generational gaps in a workplace
  • How present messaging totally remade a proceed they work, and how it pennyless down hierarchies, when introduced 12 years ago
  • The significance of second life and earthy participation in a essentially practical workforce
  • How people can't muster their possess tools, yet how they can opinion with their function between several alternatives

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