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leading indicators

How to find leading indicators of your sales team’s success

Any activity or behavior that leads to a sale is categorized as a leading indicator. How many appointments does it take to make a sale? How many presentations do you have to give? Or demos or quotes? To read the article, click here.

Why Companies Need a Chief Reason Officer

The world is changing faster now than ever before, and if companies don’t react quickly and effectively to those changes, they’re destined to fall by the wayside. One way corporations can keep ahead of the curve is by installing a Chief...
Senior businessman and woman standing in airport, focus on businesswoman with arms folded, smiling, portrait

Women in the C-Suite: Finding Ways to Break the ‘Seal’

The business case for increasing the number of women in senior management and on corporate boards is continually being bolstered by data analysis and stories of changes impacting companies. The case has been made. The question is what will accelerate...

The dangerous game corporate executives are playing

It is becoming a dangerous game to play. It has numbers behind it — as in 10b5-1. That’s the plan from the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission that allows corporate executives to trade their own company’s stock by scheduling...
Fiscal Cliff

Top U.S. Corporate Executives Learn to Master Uncertainty

For U.S. corporate executives at the helm of companies large and small, these remain uncertain times.  A looming fiscal cliff at home mixed with concern about the health of the global economy leaves many executives worrying that the next big...
An Executive's Best Friend

An Executive’s Best Friend

The corporate culture is said to value loyalty. That may explain why the nation’s senior corporate executives lavish so much money on their dogs. More than 56 percent of senior corporate executives own pets – about 20 percent have three...
Healthcare Data Breaches

Why Healthcare Data Breaches Are a C-Suite Concern

Healthcare data breaches have become an everyday disaster. Ninety-four percent of healthcare organizations surveyed in the newly released Ponemon Institute study, Third Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security, suffered...
C-Suite Big Data

Getting Over Big Data Fatigue in the C Suite

Big Data is real and can be a critical component to the success of enterprises. The backlash is focused on the trend’s hype rather than its impact. One of the problems with the term comes from the word “Big.” To read more,...
social media

C-suite still disregards value of social media reputation

Many C-suite executives are not taking their company’s reputation on social media into consideration when making business decisions or reacting to an online crisis, according to a study. To read the article, click here.
C-Suite Concerns

5 Concerns Shared by C-Suite Execs and Supply Chain Leaders

For a hospital’s supply chain to be effective, there must be prompt strategic discussions and action plan development from both C-level executives and supply chain leaders, according to the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials...